Preparing For Your Scan

Arrive Early

Please arrive five minutes early to allow us to check you and check relevant details with you.

Early Scans!

For early scans up to 14 weeks please attend with a full bladder.

Keep Moving!

We like to scan energetic babies! Therefore, if you do arrive to your scan very early, try to keep mobile and walk around if you can.

14 Week+ Scans!

For successful scans beyond 14 weeks please have a empty bladder.

Sweet Treat!

If you are happy to have a sweet treat then this might help keep baby active. Please ensure that you do not do this if you are diabetic!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions before your scan, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. BabyCare Scanning are always happy to help!

Highly Qualified Staff High Performance Scans

Our trained medical sonographers are devoted to their work and every session is tailored to ensure you’ll learn as much about your baby — and SEE as much of your baby — as possible.