2D Reassurance Check

Stage of Pregnancy:   14 weeks till term.

Purpose of Scan:  This scan is designed for purely reassurance purposes, to meet the needs of parents, who have higher than normal levels of anxiety, perhaps due to previous miscarriages, or are simply anxious and want to see their baby’s heart beat and movements. You will already have had your initial NHS scan at approximately 12 weeks with no problems identified. This scan is priced lower than all others, to make it more readily available to meet the needs of parents in this group, and thus will identify baby’s heartbeat and confirm movements within the womb. Sexing and measurements of baby are not provided.

Appointment Length:  5 - 10 minutes.

Images:  Black and White Thermal Images are provided.

Report:  A written report confirming baby’s heartbeat and movements will be provided.

Cost:  £40