2D Gender or Sexing Scan

Stage of Pregnancy:  16 - 32 weeks

Purpose of Scan: BabyCare Scanning recognise that parents often wish to know the Gender of their baby, in advance of birth, in order to help with planning and preparation. Although the Primary Purpose of this scan is to identify the Gender of your baby, a well-being check to confirm foetal movement and heartbeat will also be performed in addition, and time taken to show you detail of your baby, with descriptive commentary. You are welcome to bring family and any siblings.

If you require either a CD Rom and/or DVD recording, please make this known at time of booking.

Please note, BabyCare Scanning have an outstanding accuracy record for correctly sexing babies, which surpasses the highest of expectations.

Please note, you doNOT need a full bladder. Please ensure your bladder is EMPTY prior to scan.

Extras available: Family Personalised DVD recording of Scan for entertainment purposes, £20 with nursery features, in case. CD Rom with multiple images £10.

NEW BabyCare USB Sticks £8 (if you tell us before your scan that you wish a USB stick, we will add extra images onto this for you at no extra cost. Also if you come back to us for a 4D scan, bring your stick with you and we will add all the 3D images for NO extra charge!!!)

Appointment Length:  20 minutes.

Images:  Anything from 10 to a multitude of Black and White Thermal Images provided. These will include baby’s profile, gender proof images, hands, arms, legs, feet, body etc

Cost:  £70