2D Early Pregnancy or Dating Scan

Stage of Pregnancy:    10  -  13  weeks

Purpose of Scan:  This scan is performed in 2D, in order to give reassurance, and provide measurements to confirm gestation or number of weeks of pregnancy. It will confirm that the pregnancy is within the womb, assess the number of babies you are carrying, identify the presence of heartbeat(s), and that all is well for this stage of your pregnancy. Please note that if you are experiencing bleeding, you should notify your Healthcare Provider for referral into the NHS system.

Appointment Length:  20 – 30 minutes.  

Preparation:   It is important that you attend with a very full bladder, as this will result in a clearer scan.

Images:  Black and White A6 Thermal Images are provided.

Report:  A written report is provided which you can present to your Midwife or General Practitioner, if you wish.

Cost:  £99